Lake Temisakaming

The name is from the Algonquin Temikami or Temikaming meaning "deep waters".

Lake Temiskaming

I love this place.

Lake Temiskaming (Western Shores)

Officially opened in 1993, the Lake Temiskaming-Ottawa River Waterway gives 387 kilometres of boating adventure - from Pembroke to Notre Dame du Nord at the head of Lake Temisakaming.

Lake Temiskaming, which forms the border with Quebec, was the main transportation route in northeastern Ontario until the railway and roads were constructed. Traders, farmers, natives and prospectors have left a trail of human history strewn along its shores which are often highlighted by 200 to 300 ft. cliffs.

It is a sought after year round place of residence due to its beauty and convenience of being centrally located to the communities of New Liskeard and Haileybury.